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The Grebnevo Manor House Restoration Foundation was established in 2018. The Foundation's activities are based on the belief that the Grebnevo Estate, rebuilt from ruins, will form the basis not only for the revival of Russia's historical way of life and culture, but also for the national identity as a whole.

Moscow region,
Shchelkovo district,
Grebnevo Manor
House Park

The main purpose of the Foundation is to accumulate funds and property on the basis of voluntary contributions and allocate them to assist in the restoration of the Grebnevo Estate, located at: Moscow region, city district of Shchelkovo, Grebnevo Manor House Park.

For several decades, the Grebnevo Manor house, an architectural monument of national importance, has been in a state of extreme neglect. Unsuccessful attempts to restore the estate after several fires, and the abandonment of the grounds have led to the almost complete destruction of the unique manor ensemble. According to experts, a few more years of inactivity and this historically important site would have been lost.)

A new owner

In 2018, the Grebnevo Manor house has found an owner. Businessman, singer and philanthropist Andrei Kovalev intends to breathe life into it and restore its grandeur, completely restoring the palace ensemble and its grounds.

the estate

The implementation of a large-scale project to restore historical buildings and transform the territory will cost tens and possibly hundreds of millions of roubles.

If you are not indifferent to the destiny of a great architectural monument and want to contribute to its revival, you can make a donation to the manor restoration fund. United by our joint efforts, the Grebnevo Estate will become a source of national pride, and one more historical object restored for posterity will appear on the list of monuments.

By making a donation to socially oriented non-profit organisations for their activities under the legislation of the Russian Federation on non-profit organisations engaged in cultural activities, Russian citizens are entitled to a social tax deduction in the amount of the donation (not more than 25% of the taxable income, subp. 1 п. 1 of Article 219 of the Tax Code). In this case, joining a public donation agreement is implied.

The restoration of the Grebnevo Manor House is a long and complex process, because in addition to the restoration work, huge areas of the estate also need to be refurbished: the park and the coastal area, the islands on the Barskie Ponds. It is much easier to do these tasks together! Therefore, the Grebnevo Estate invites volunteers!


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Short name: The Foundation "Usadba Grebnevo".
Location: 115432, MOSCOW CITY, 27, Bldg. 1 Trofimova St.
President of the Foundation: Andrey Arkadyevich Kovalev

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